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Wolves’ Den Mixed Martial Arts would like to thank you for your interest in our school. We are continually striving to offer the very best in martial arts instruction, as well as life skills for everyday life. With the use of Taekwondo and Hapkido we have designed a structured system that will not only challenge, but bring out the very best in you or your loved ones. We are a Christian based school, and welcome any and all seeking to find a challenge with huge rewards.

Our goal, is to help create model community members, so that they not only take their teachings to progress in the arts, but to also be a beacon for the community.

We have students as young as 3 and as old as 80. That is the beauty of martial arts. Each person learns what their strengths and weaknesses are, while bettering themselves.

We also offer Kickboxing Fitness classes to those that merely want to find a fun, challenging program to shed unwanted pounds. We are here to motivate!!

If you are interested in Submission Fighting/Jujitsu and or Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), then we have you covered there as well. Few fights ever stay standing, so it’s imperative that one learns multiple aspects to defend themselves or their loved ones. We want to make you feel better at night knowing that you can and will have the ability to take any situation with confidence and a clear head.

So come in and try a free class, and if you find what you have been looking for, then we will be very honored and blessed to make you a member of “The Pack”. We train as family and friends and always welcome new members with open arms. Martial arts is an ever evolving art and each person brings a little bit of their own greatness to the style. We are looking forward to bringing out the very best in you!!!



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